Wrongful Death - legal options

Wrongful Death

If an immediate family member has died due to the fault of someone else, there are several steps that must be taken to protect your legal rights. We can help. Our firm will handle the issues of the legal claim, so you and your loved ones can heal.

Wrongful death claims in Oregon are governed by several statutes. Those statutes have many requirements and time limitations, and our firm is familiar with them. In a wrongful death claim, the estate can recover reasonable charges necessarily incurred for doctors, hospitals, nurses and other medical services, as well as burial and funeral services for your loved one. The estate may also recover for the physical and emotional pain suffered by the deceased from the time of injury until his/her death. The estate may also recover for the dollar loss to the decedent’s estate caused by his premature death. Finally, the estate may recover compensation to the spouse, children, step-children, step-parents and parents for any pecuniary loss and loss of the society, companionship and services of the decedent, as well as any punitive damages the decedent would have been entitled to recover from the at-fault party had he/she lived.

We work with you and other family members to determine who can recover, and to evaluate a fair settlement. Call us for an appointment. There is no charge for the first meeting. (503- 472-3770).

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