Falling Injuries

Fall Injuries

If you have slipped, tripped or fallen at a business or residence it is extremely important that the conditions that caused your fall be documented immediately. Many stores have video surveillance that might have recorded your injury. However, that video will likely be destroyed after a short time. Our firm is very familiar with the law relating to slip-and-falls in Oregon, and the building code requirements that set the safety standards for businesses and retail establishments.

As a customer in a shopping mall, grocery store or any business, you have the legal status of what is called a “business invitee”. This means that under Oregon’s law of “premises liability”, the owner of the business has the obligation to keep the premises reasonably safe for you. If there are any unreasonably dangerous conditions on the premises, the business owner may have the obligation to actually remove the hazard rather than simply warn you.

Tripping or falling claims generally fall into two categories. “Foreign substance” claims involve substances on the floor which make it slippery. If the injured person can establish that the substance was on the floor long enough for the business owner to clean it up, or adequately warn of it, then there may be a recovery against the business. Fall injuries typically involve permanent features of the business which are a hazard, such as sidewalks with improper slope, ramps without handrails or unmarked obstacles in the floor surface.

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