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Personal Injury

Our firm is highly experienced in handling claims for serious personal injuries caused by someone else. We can evaluate the extent of insurance coverage that may be available to satisfy your claim. We will also make arrangements with the claims representatives for the at-fault party’s insurance company to send all communication through our office. We will work with your health insurer regarding any medical benefits you may be owed arising out of the accident. If you do not have health insurance, we will contact your doctors directly and ask that they agree to be paid out of any settlement. Most doctors will agree to this.

Many times there are scientific or engineering questions that must be answered to determine the precise cause of your accident and whether the at-fault person violated any statutes or safety standards. We work closely with a number of forensic engineering firms and accident investigators to help answer a wide variety of questions, such as the slip resistance of floors, appropriate slope of sidewalks and curbs, impact speed in automobile accidents, and many other similar issues.

If you agree to settle your case too soon, all your legal rights to recover for any injuries you may have will be gone, even though you may have more serious injuries than you first thought. Our office can evaluate a fair settlement and protect your rights to recover when the time is right. Call us so we can help protect your legal rights. (503-472-3770).

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