Serious/Permanent Injuries recommended lawyers

Serious/Permanent Injuries

We can protect your legal rights to a fair settlement if you were hurt by the fault of another person, and your injuries are permanent. Permanent injuries often involve claims for past and future lost wages and future medical treatment or even surgery. In addition, you may have a claim for what is called “loss of future earning capacity”. “Loss of future earning capacity” means your loss of the ability to perform as well as you could before you were hurt in the broad range of occupations available in the job marketplace. For instance, a journeyman carpenter who has to have back surgery because of an accident and can’t do heavy lifting anymore, would have a claim for lost future earning capacity because he can now only do light-duty work that pays less.

Our office has the expertise to evaluate these kinds of claims and present them to the at-fault person’s insurer for a fair settlement. We do not charge for the first meeting. Call us for an appointment. (503-472-3770).

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