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We emphasize a wide range of personal injury trial work, including but not limited to automobile accidents, injuries and death caused by dangerously defective products, fall cases, catastrophic injury cases, animal attack claims, wrongful death cases, and claims against bars for overserving customers who then drive drunk and cause accidents. We also represent insureds with claims against their insurance companies for not paying fair settlements. Our focus on specific types of trial work better enables us to stay current on the latest legal developments within those practice areas. To learn more about the types of cases we handle, click on any of the items below.

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Personal Injury

The Law Office of Gary G. Norris is highly experienced in handling claims for serious personal injuries caused by someone else. We can evaluate the extent of insurance coverage that may be available to satisfy your claim.

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Bicycle Injuries

The Oregon vehicle code expressly provides that, with few exceptions, every person riding a bicycle upon a public highway is subject to the provisions applicable to, and has the same rights and duties as the driver of any other vehicle. ORS 814.400 (1). Notwithstanding that, however, bicyclists often sustain catastrophic injuries at the hands of …

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The term “arbitration” refers to a streamlined trial-like process in which the parties present evidence and the arbitrator then renders a decision. Arbitration does not involve a jury. The parties will select one, or sometimes a panel of three, arbitrators who will act as the judge and jury. Arbitration is much faster and less expensive …

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The term “mediation” refers to an informal, voluntary settlement process where the parties to a legal dispute agree on a neutral person (the mediator) to help them resolve their dispute. Mediation is a very effective way to resolve all sorts of legal disputes, from personal injury claims to businesses disputes and other claims. Most mediations …

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General Civil Trial Practice

In addition to our emphasized areas of practice, we have handled a variety of other civil disputes including: Business breakups in closely held companies. Trust and probate disputes and litigation. Representation of growers and agricultural contractors in crop-related disputes. In addition, Mr. Norris serves as an arbitrator for both court-annexed arbitration cases in personal injury …

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Business Disputes

We represent many small to medium-sized Oregon businesses for advice on litigation prevention, review of contracts, input regarding deals in progress and litigation services if necessary to resolve payment or other business disputes. We try to offer prompt response and availability to answer questions from business owners and management. We recognize that legal expenses can …

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Building Contractor Issues

Construction contractors face unique and tough challenges in an ever changing industry environment. Our firm represents contractors on a variety of issues, including but not limited to: Contract drafting and review. Project advice regarding change orders, daily situations, progress, payments, etc. Construction lien practice from pre-lien notices to filing and foreclosure of liens. Negotiation, advice …

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